Heart & Sole’s 2019-2020 Schedule

Heart & Sole Dance Academy 2019-2020 Schedule

Studio A

Studio B


4:00-4:45: Primary Ballet BF

4:45-5:30: Primary Jazz BF

5:30-6:15: Twinkle Toes. BF

6:15-7:00: Beg/Int Ballet BF


4:00-4:45: Beg/Int Jazz TA

4:45-5:30: Beg/IntLyrical/Contemp DM

5:30-6:15: Beg/Int Hip Hop DM

6:45-7:30: BBoy MH


3:30-4:00: Pointe BF

4:00-5:00: Company Ballet 3

BF 5:00-6:00: Company Ballet 2 BF 6:00-7:00: Company Ballet 1 BF

7:00-8:00: Tech/Conditioning 1 BF


4:00-4:30:#10 JB

4:30-5:30: Company Class 1 JB

5:30-6:00: #6 JB

6:00-7:00: #4,#2 JB

7:00-7:45: Company Class 2/3 JB


3:30-4:30: Company Ballet 1 BF 4:30-5:15: Lil Hoppers JB 5:15-6:00: Int Hip Hop JB 6:00-6:45: Partnering BF 6:45-7:30: Beg Tap DM

2:45-3:30: #24, #13 JB 3:30-4:30: Musical Theater AC

4:30-5:15: Tech/Conditioning 2/3 BF 5:15-6:00: Company HH 2/3 DM 6:00-6:30: #3 DM 6:45-7:15: #18 JB 7:15 Dysrhythmia JB


3:15-4:15: Company Ballet 3 BF 4:15-5:15: Company Ballet 2 BF

5:45-6:15: Int Tap NA

7:00-7:30: #7 NA

7:30-8:00: #23. NA


4:15-5:15: #5, 15           JB

5:15-5:45: #11              NA

5:45-6:15: #14.             JB

6:15-7:00: #1               JEN

7:00-7:30: #9                EM

7:30-8:00: #12              EM



3:45-4:15:#16                         JB

4:15-5:00: #17,19.                  NA

5:00-5:30: #8.                         EM

5:30-6:00: #25                       EM

6:00-8:00: solos



3:45-4:45: #20,22 EM 4:45-5:30: Tumbling B/I KI 5:30-6:15: Tumbling I/A KI 6:15-8:00: Solos JB


Welcome to Heart & Sole Dance Academy

A Reno dance studio with dance classes for kids and adults, in Ballet, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, and other styles. Heart and Sole Dance Academy seeks to explore the art of dance in many forms while concentrating on the technical discipline that is the foundation of each style. All the instructors at Heart and Sole are dedicated to creating an environment that is full of passion, and love for dance. – Jenny Buck

Heart & Sole Artown 2017


Heart and Sole: Dancing in the Park 2017 from Ted Moore on Vimeo.

Below is a video gallery from Heart & Sole Dance Academy’s performances performed at Reno’s Wingfield Park for Artown’s Dancing in the Park series. The videos include dances from both 2015 and 2016.

To learn more about our studio please click on the photos below.

How To Enroll / Class Schedules

The class schedule for the Fall season at our new home location can be found here. You will also find the registration form and pricing details. It's going to be a great season!

Meet Our Team

We have some of the most experienced, and talented dance instructors in Northern Nevada, offering award winning choreography, extensive professional backgrounds, and most of all, a love of dance and teaching. Meet our instructors, and also learn about Heart and Sole's vision from our owners.

Get In Touch

Here you can find a map to our location, our address, phone number, and email. You can even send us a question directly with an easy to use contact form. Make sure you take a look at the map to see what a great location we have!

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Heart and Sole is starting a new referral program. Bring in five of your friends, and when they sign up for a class you get a free class! Visit the front desk for more information.